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A606W Wireless USB Dongle Adapter for Apple iOS CarPlay Android Headunit

A606W Wireless USB Dongle Adapter for Apple iOS CarPlay Android Headunit

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1. Voice control: Compatible with Siri / music / maps / phone calls / messages / Audio books. The Siri feature will help you call Rose or any of your friends. Please e that the operating speed of our device depends on the ios speed of your phone.
2. Press screen and screen: Directional control and view your phone on the car navigation screen with USB cable.
3. Hands free and safe driving: Make / answer calls, check voicemails, text messages and get maps. Listen to your favorite songs with your hands free, Apple music or installed applications.

How to use the product:
1. Install the Apk for the product on your Android car head unit.
2. Connect the product to the USB port of the Android car head unit.
3. Synchronize and connect iPhone bluetooth with car bluetooth (iPhone also supports usb cable connection);
Android phone still need to connect by usb cable.
4. The car screen will enter the CarPlay interface.
In order to avoid unsuitable products, please ask customer service for the car model before placing an order.
The car machine does have an Apple system
1. car screen is supported, this product only works with Android system screen.
2. Install APK before buying; To see if the installation is successful.
Http: / 8080 / autokit / autokit.apk
Colour: Black
Material: plastic

Package Contents:
1 x Wireless for Apple CarPlay

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